Fall at the Farm

The weather has finally changed from hot , dry and dusty to green, cool and luscious.

We are starting to get a nice crop of mixed long beans and okra as well as some eggplant and peppers. Some early plantings went down in the drought so here we go with round two.

Broccoli, lettuce. kale, arugula all lined up and sprouting beautifully. It should be a few weeks before the greens roll in but they are looking great.

The BIG NEWS is the 1000 strawberry plants that are going in the ground as I write this. Photos to come later today.



"Trees" November 29, 2019

WE will be hosting the first gallery show of the season on November 29, 2019. The theme is “Trees” and we are expecting some interesting interpretations and submissions. Here is the poster. Spread the word!

small revised.jpg