Spring is Coming

FEBRUARY 24, 2018


 It is late February in Micanopy, we are very busy preparing our beds, planting our seedlings, bulbs and direct seeding in some cases. We are mulching, weeding, thinning and HOPING the threat of freeze has passed.

Currently we have available: Kashmir Kale. Napa Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Spring Onion, Bibb Lettuce, Dill and Flat leaf Parsley. We are open on weekends and will put an order together during the week. Just text us at 305 304-7815 (my old keys number)

Our flower production is amped up this season as we have Brooke Buffington Williams joining us in our expanded business which will devote more attention to hand crafted bouquets and centerpieces and edible flowers for garnishes.  As we both have backgrounds in art and design, we are looking forward to creating unique arrangements incorporating native flowers and foliage as well as our own field grown flowers. 

some of our flowers include: Amarynth, Sunflowers (many varieties), Nigella, Scabiosa, Snapdragons, Larkspur, Calendula, Coreipopsis, Cosmos, Echinacea, Zinnias of many varieties, Chinese Forget me Nots, Sweet Peas and any array of Dahlias.




Some images of last years flowers